A Dim Witted but Deliciously Evil Half-Gnoll bent on Destroying those he blames for his Death.


6 ecl- 2lvl Fighter, 3rd lvl Barbarian

str 19, dex 14, con 16, int 6, wis 12, cha 9

Hp 53, Ac 19

fort +9, ref +3, will +4

atk: Wounding Bloodlust Morningstar +10, Natural Claws +9

def: Breastplate +5, MW Light Steel Shield +1


Herb was once a man(Human) of royal decent. Never having to do much for himself, he abandoned his learnings of history, mathematics and the like, and instead perused the art of fighting. His actions made him a man that thought his sword was the answer to all problems that he was faced with. He set out from his home and traveled very far until he ended up in a small town that had within its borders a vast and ancient dungeon that was sure to hold great treasures and greater foes to defeat. But Herb was a fool and in this simple act of entering that ancient place he set in motion a series of events that first caused him to forget his past and all former allys, then make and break allegiances with fellow adventurers, and eventually it lead to his and his companions humiliating and easily avoidable deaths.

But this was not the end of Herb. Angry at the circumstance of his death, he decided to lay all the blame on the shoulders of his companions and vowed to fight against them and take his revenge. From his dying place in the afterworld he traveled in search of the gods halls. Following his lust for revenge, he found Erythnul, who proceeded to obliterate the body that was Herb. The soul of Herb on the other hand, awoke in new meat. Herb, now a Half-Gnoll, continued on his quest to bring his former allys pain. With his new god given weapon and god given form he will amass an army and fight. But so far hes just managed to fall into a really huge hole.


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